15 days grand Morocco tour from Casablanca to Desert

15 days grand Morocco desert tour from Casablanca 

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Tour Itinerary : Grand tour of Morocco  

Day 1: Casablanca:

Start your 15 days grand Morocco desert tour from Casablanca. Collect you from airport / Riad or where you indicate us! you will take  guided Day tour.

Located on the Atlantic coast is the largest city and. Also the most important port in the country. Is considered the economic and commercial center more important of the country. with very important heritage include places like  Mosque  Hassan II. The park of the Arab League, Old Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. Museum Villa  Arts, Plaza Mohammed V, with some facades of inspiration andalus, old Medina, the Central Market …
The old Medina of Casablanca can only Visit the city on foot . Surrounded on its ramparts with bastions dating from the sixteenth century. Network of narrow and extremely colorful small streets fill this Medina. With life with all kinds of articles where you can breathe the typical life and wander through the narrow and meandering streets. where you will perceive the aromas of the species or observe the industriousness of its artisans. 

Day 2: Casablanca »El Jadida» Oualidia »Safi» Essaouira:

on our second Day tour. after a good Moroccan breakfast. we will take the direction to El Jadida. port city of the Moroccan Atlantic coast. It was a Portuguese colony for two centuries and its old fortification. Was named a World Heritage Site by UNESC. It is a mixture of what is Moroccan and what is Portuguese. we will visit this small fortified city facing the sea. walk through its small and quiet citadel and its long beach.

 continue towards Oualidia a picturesque tourist complex located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Surround many lagoons where its natural environment exclusively resides. Locate in a small elevation from where you can still see some vestiges of his kasbah built in 1634.
Its biggest attraction  its lagoon with a length of 12 km and bordered by sandy beaches and dunes a landscape worth seeing.
We will continue to address Safi port city. Very industrial and with one of the most important fishing ports of the coast. As a good coastal city offers us huge beaches and a rich tourist heritage as its medina with a mark of traditional character that is no longer seen in another cities.
Arrive in  Essaouria where we can have a first contact with this small fishing village.

Day 3: Essaouira »Marrakech:

During this morning we will have time to discover this beautiful fishing. village set on a small rocky platform . That goes into the sea and with a great personality is a very quiet city where its beauty does not go unnoticed. known as the Athlentic Pearl.

Explore Beauty or the City of Winds because of its large sandy beach and its trade winds make the area an ideal place for surfers.

The medina where calm reigns. With its streets of orderly layout give it its own personality and different from other medinas. It main business is fishing. Crafts and tourism so we can not miss the colorful and lively spectacle of the boats returning to port. With their gulls lurking between the boats.
Strolling peacefully and soaking up the charm of its narrow streets. White walls and blue painted doors we can see a relaxe and peaceful atmosphere in the Medina.
At mid afternoon we will go to Marrakech where   arrive in the afternoon and able to enjoy your place in full action.

Day 4: visit Marrakech:

Today we have to visit the great city of Marrakech. From the local guide Hands. Discover its fascinating history through the famous  ;for example  Koutobuia. Bahia Palace, the Saadian Tombs, Menara Gardens.
You will eat at a typical restaurant in the medina on behalf of the client. On  afternoon take a free time to  Explore  the charms of this city.  Walking through the streets of the medina. Getting lost in its immense souk or savoring the traditional Moroccan food in the Djemma el-Fna square.

Visiting the city means being able to observe the Moroccan essence, always in constant change.

The ancient beauty of the city is still preserved today. With its smell of fresh mint. The tastiest spices and the sound of snake charmers or the bustle of its impressive souk  largest in Morocco.

All this and much more is Marrackech. The capital of the south and the epicenter of tourism and crafts.

The main point of this city is the medina, the souk and its beautiful Djemaa-el Fna square. Getting lost in the medina is very common, but this, unlike medinas as big as Fez. does not involve any risk. When lost through its alleys, the traveler will find shops of the most varied products, as well as food stalls where they serve the traditional snail soup. or, attracted by the intense smell of mint. will reach some herbal stand.
The Djemma el-Fna square is the square to which the alleyways of the Medina lead.

It is a very busy square that can overwhelm those who visit it for the first time. But it is certainly a magical place, in which it is difficult to stop for a short time.

In the morning, the square is full of juice stands and nuts. At night jugglers, magicians, snake charmers and storytellers gather in this square recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Accommodation in Marrakech.

Day 6: Aït Benhaddou »Ouarzazate» Skoura »El-Kelâa M’Gouna» Boumalne du Dadès:

Today our route will continue towards Ouarzazate, is the intermediate point that joins the mountains and the desert passing through the Skoura Valley with more than 700,000 date palms and that stands out for its important enclave of greenery and its kasbahs scattered throughout the oasis and its surroundings .

Our route follows the direction of the Valley of Roses, located at the foot of the High Atlas, as its name indicates is the most important and interesting agricultural area from the point of view of tourism, 30 km uninterrupted cultivation of roses, a splendid greenery nestled at the foot of a canyon of ocher tints that offers a spectacle of beauty and that is part of the most important places of Morocco.

Arrive at the Gorges of Dades to make night.

Day 7: Dadès Gorges »Boumalne» Tinghir »Todra Gorges» Tinjdad »Erfoud» Merzouga:

This morning we will leave for Merzouga passing through the Valley of Tinghir located at 1300 meters of altitude. We will arrive at the Gorges of Todra where we will have time to visit the Todra Gorges and contemplate the great canyon, formed by rock of red limestone with vertical walls and where its The last 600 meters of gorge are the most spectacular, the canyon narrows and has a width of about 10 meters and 160 meters high, a stone paradise where it houses a river of crystal clear waters and its picturesque atmosphere makes it a mandatory stop.

sprinkled by kasbah and full of palm trees make this one of the most beautiful landscapes of Morocco, our route continues to Tinjdad to reach the Gorges of Todra where we stop and contemplate the great canyon, formed by limestone rock red with vertical walls and where its last 600 meters of gorge are the most spectacular, the canyon narrows and happens to have a width of about 10 meters and 160 meters high, a stone paradise where it houses a river of crystal clear waters and its picturesque atmosphere makes it a mandatory stop, dotted with kasbah and full of palm trees make this one of the most beautiful landscapes of Morocco , our path continues towards Erfoud where we will have the possibility of visiting the fossilized marble factory and the Museum of fossils and minerals where they house a collection of unusual fossils.

Our journey continues towards RISSANI finally arriving at the foot of the wonderful dunes of ERG CHEBBI, where we will have a welcome tea while we rest and prepare the camels that will take us to the foot of the Great Dune, during the journey of an hour and a half We can go taking pictures, an experience that you will definitely like.

At nightfall you can see that the desert takes a very different color and the weather changes since it refreshes a lot depending on the time you go. At the rhythm of the timbales singing and playing dinner will serve us, and as not the great bonfire will keep us company until the time to go to sleep. So without any worry, it is best to enjoy this magical and authentic night under the starry desert sky.

Day 8: Merzouga »Erg Chebbi dunes tour:

Without any doubt one of the biggest shows of the desert is to see how it dawns, so today it’s time to get up early to contemplate the wonderful sunrise, do not miss seeing the changes of colors that the dunes are taking as the sun rises over the horizon . A visual spectacle that you will not forget.

The camels await us to return to the Riad and give us a good shower and a traditional Moroccan breakfast and continue making a tour through the heart of the desert to enjoy the magic offered by the dunes, its landscape and above all the life of the nomads in the desert , a simple life and that surely you will like to be able to relate with the nomads.
We will pass Lake Srji  ( Flamingos Lake), depending on the winter it is usually more or less water and where many birds to hibernate, mainly the flamingos, we will pass by Khamlia where we will make a stop (village of the blacks) with a population of 334 ethnic Gnaoua and Berber people, originally from black Africa, moved to the Sahara where they began to settle along with Berber nomads, their people are warm friendly and quiet, and because of their culture, music is an important part of them, khamlia les invite you to enjoy your hospitality, to have a cup of tea and to listen to the music Gnaoua resting in the wonderful landscape of the desert between dunes, our route continues between the dunes (where the Paris-Dakar passes), to meet some of the families seminomadas that live in the area in this sea of sand and stone, an adventure that you can enjoy every second !!, we will return to the hotel where we will spend the night in Albergue.

Day 9: Merzouga »Rissani» Erfoud »Er-Rachidia» Gorges of the Ziz »Midelt:

Our road continues towards Midelt passing first through Rissani very famous for its market, this city shows with dignity and takes pride in being the last commercial stopover before the desert, the atmosphere that is breathed walking through the souks of Rissani is not found in any other place of Morocco, a penumbra due to the roofs that filter the sun’s rays, an explosion of colors and smells that stand out to the combination of the well-known spices.
Our next destination will be ERFOUD one of the charms of these small towns is their tranquility, we will also have the possibility if you are pleased to visit the fossil factory, we will go through the ZIZ Valley, an immense valley in all its splendor , a natural space surrounded by canyons with the peculiar reddish sand and the impressive palm grove that extends kilometers and kilometers, an immense natural space surrounded by canyons, with the peculiar reddish sand that borders the valley, we will stop at the Hassan Adakhil from where we will be able to observe clearly all its extension, this dam offers beautiful panoramic views by the contrast of its turquoise waters with the ocher colored mountains that surrounds the dam.

continue our Sahara tour through the Middle Atlas through  Tizi N’Talghom Pass where landscapes await us and inhospitable lands full of life and stories which will allow us to observe the landscape, take a photo and stop at the places that They are worth visiting, we will arrive at Midelt where we will spend the night.

Day 10: Midelt »Azrou» Ifran »Fez:

Today after a good Moroccan breakfast we  head towards Fez, we will pass through Azrou an important Berber population located inside the Media Atlas and surrounded by hills, the main interest of this small city is its cedars forest that surround it and where we can visit the famous Great Cedar Guard millenarian and the largest in the whole region, another curious point to see are its hundreds of Gibraltar monkeys that live in the area and that love to play with people.
We will continue towards Ifrane located in the middle Atlas mountains is an oasis of frescoes and vegetation, with its lakes and fountains everyone knows as “The Moroccan Switzerland” of alpine character above all European with its houses of sloping roofs, nothing to do with the traditional architecture of Morocco. Due to its altitude (1630 meters) it is surrounded by trees and what is most striking is the nature that surrounds this small city, we can make a visit to its well known University for being one of the most important in the country. Our route will continue to Immouzzer Kandar a town located between the pass on the route from Ifrane to Fez, with an altitude of 1300 meters and outside the tourist circuits we can find a very cozy and friendly town where we can relax a bit before arriving To Fez, we will continue through the Middle Atlas, enjoying the landscapes that surround us until we reach Fez in the middle of the afternoon.

Day 11: visit Fez:

Today we will spend all day visiting this great city, the oldest, richest, cultural, religious, spiritual and mysterious of the four imperial cities of Morocco, where you can see that has not suffered the passage of time.
The medina of Fez must be visited without hurry, for something is the largest in the Maghreb, lost in its labyrinthine streets is the charm of this medina, but to appreciate this city you have to travel during the day and then at sunset as it changes completely, during the day it is a bustling city full of people wandering around the shops, buying or just watching, but at sunset it acquires another speed, it is much more relaxed less oppressive
Its medina is a labyrinth of narrow streets with houses, shops and workshops that includes more than 150 neighborhoods, and each of them has its mosque, its Koranic school, its bakery etc …
Fez hidden within its walls abobe palaces, mansions, mosques and gardens that are like pools of peace that survive among the noise of its streets, for this reason when you walk you have to observe each gate well because if it is half open you can take the pleasure surprise that inside you find a different world.
The best known monuments are the Moulay Idris Mosque (9th century, rebuilt in the 13th century), the tomb of the city’s founder, the Qarawiyin Mosque (founded in 859 and extended until the 13th century), the Medersa Bu ‘ Inaniyya, a residence for students of the Koran that was built in 1355 and the mosque of the Andalusians (founded in 860 and enlarged in 1200).
First, before immersing yourself in the vortex of the city, you have to appreciate it as a whole, and to do so, see it from its multiple viewpoints. From there you will observe the fabric of the city, the walls of the houses, the gloom of its streets, the pasty color of its houses, which have been anchored with its appearance since its founding. The only thing that clashes with the setting of past centuries are the antennas of TV and satellite dishes. Everything else is of a total era.

Day 12: Fes »Meknes» Moulay Idriss Zerhoun »Volubilis» Ouezzane »Chefchaouen:

Today we will continue our 15 days grand Morocco desert tour from Casablanca towards Meknes to visit the ruins of Volubilis, we will pass through the Cordillera del Rif, its serpentine and vertiginous roads make this a very interesting Cordillera where we can discover some unpublished landscapes, and where the towns that receive you and the experience that you live along this road give an image that you not forget in your exprnieces.
We will arrive at Voluble, home to the most impressive and best preserved ruins in Morocco, declared a World Heritage Site in 1997, and guided by an expert guide during this one and a half hour visit. We will find some areas bounded to the public but we can move freely around the site. Many of the mosaics are well preserved, one of the most spectacular areas is the capitol, the basilica and the forum that are built on the highest part.
Our Marrakech deset trip continues to  Meknes city where you will make a stop for lunch, Imperial City and very similar to Fez your Medina flirtatious and collected makes it much easier when it comes to walking and orientation is very traditional, labyrinthine streets full of life and its market stalls for groceries, restaurants, artisan cooperatives. However, its small size hides treasures of sublime architectural beauty, its symbol, the door of Bab Mansour of 1732 is the largest door in Morocco and all of Africa.
We will continue along the Cordillera del Rif where we will visit the town of Ouezzane, an authentic Moroccan village where we can see how its inhabitants are genuinely friendly, their skill with handicrafts is unprecedented, all handmade such as furniture, ironwork, clothes, shoes, etc., you can walk through the narrow streets of the medina and full of workshops and shops where one feels absorbed by a cluster of sensations.
Finally today we will arrive at Chefchaouen,

Day 13: Chefchaouen:

Today after a good traditional Rif breakfast we will start to visit Chaouen, Xauen, Chichauen,(north jewel)all the names are used to refer to a magical town located in the mountains of the Rif. Hidden between the summits of the mountain range with its clear and clean light, nestled between the slopes of two mountains cut to peak and surrounded by fields of culture that highlight even more the white of their houses, this magical town appears where blue unfolds all the palette of tonalities, confusing your horizon with the sky.

Its unpredictable streets and painted indigo blue to scare away mosquitoes are an ideal place to walk and contemplate this wonderful town that Morocco offers us, (the calmest place in Morocco).

The Medina and the atmosphere of the Plaza de Uta are still the most surprising places that should be known.The medina has a very special attraction due to the color of its houses.It is formed by a labyrinth of alleyways that many of them have no exit. without any doubt it is a safe, quiet and wonderful place to walk where you will find yourself at home since its inhabitants are very hospitable people.

Day 14: Chefchaouen »Ouezzane» Souk Arbaa El Gharb »Kenitra» Rabat »Casablanca:

This morning we will head to Rabat passing through Kenitra city of the coast of Morocco next to the mouth of the river Sebu. In this area abound the lagoons and marshes, apparently modern although it preserves the old medina. whose center is the square of Achouada, its humble medina , small and old makes this small town an interesting place to visit. walking through narrow streets we can see the living history on its walls. Observe the scars on its old walls that remind us that this place is worth visiting thanks to its tranquility and simplicity .
We will continue to address Rabat known as “The City of Gardens”, it is a perfect combination between ancient and modern city. One of the most dynamic and commercial cities of the country where is one of the most famous monuments of Morocco “The Tower of Hassan”. located at the top of a hill that is part of the city, and even from the river you get extraordinary views. At night it is illuminated giving it an authentically beautiful touch.
The Media of Rabat is another place to get lost without a doubt. The tranquility with which you can walk through its streets full of shops. where smells and products of all kinds.crafts, spices, food, animals, carpets etc … are mixed … .

finally we will arrive in Casablanca to spend our night.

Day 15: Casablanca:

After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to the airport depending on the departure of the flight. End your 15 days grand Morocco desert tour from Casablanca


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15 days grand Morocco desert tour from Casablanca 

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