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Fez sightseeing itinerary: Fez Local guide trip 

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You will feel as if you have travelled back centuries with a visit to the city of Fez. In addition, to the European part, built after the First World War, there is Fes el J’did c.14AD and Fes el Bali c.9AD.

The old medina of Fez el Bali is a World Heritage Site and one of the largest medieval cities of its kind – its narrow. Cobble streets are line with ancient mosques and towering green-glazed minarets.

Losing yourself here is similar to getting lost in time, until it emerges in the din of a busy souk where craftsmen & proud artisan sell their objects as their ancestors did before them.

The highlights of a day’s walk are:

Mosques such as; The Quaraouiyine Mosque founded in 859 by Fatima el Fahri.Also, the Andalusian mosque dating from 860.

Admission is not allowed to non-Muslim sources including the fountain Nejjarine Medersa (Koranic school).

founded as early as the 13th century Bahia Palace now. A museum of arts and traditions Chouwara Curtiembres Souks including Souk Attarine.

one of the liveliest of the city Mellah and the 17th century synagogue Ibn Danan.

Royal palace

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