Help Nomads in Morocco

Help Nomads in Morocco

“Help Nomades” is an initiative sponsored by one of Moroccan Travel company “Desert discovery tours“. To help and improve Nomades Families life. who are suffers in the Moroccan regions such us ; in the middle of high atlas mountains,Sahara desert. Help them keep their traditions,discovering the style Nomads life in Morocco for exampe; cooking foods,Built,Tents.

we provide many ways to do that, and we accept all kind of collaboration with any institutions or to can help indirectly (by booking with us) or directly, by bring with you things that’s you want to donate, or buy them here in morocco, so that you can Oversaw the task by your self your donation come us you like it and your suggestion way!!

If you have any suggestions or Questions about donation in Morocco. Just contact us We can give you all Information that you search about !!

“Thank you for the idea of Initiative”


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